Bubble Waffle Factory | Sweet Treats in Dublin


Bubble Waffle Factory, Templebar

I am always on the hunt for next quirky, colourful and tasty treat in Dublin City! I spotted these fun treats on Instagram a while back and when I found out they had a little shop in Templebar, how could I not go get one? So, I sauntered over there after dinner one day and it was totally worth it! These waffle cones are totally unlike anything I’ve ever tried! I watched as they made fresh waffles, then twisted them into a cone shape and filled with ice cream, topped with cream and whatever you choose!

What To Get?

The menu has something for everyone, but if you want to know what waffle cone we got, they are called the ‘strawberry delight’! Filled with your choice of ice cream, i picked yummy mint chip ice cream, topped with whipped cream, smothered chocolate sauce (or nutella *drools*) and a cute little pink macaron!

Should You Try It?

I mean, how amazing do these look? Although I will not lie, these were hard to finish – it was about the same size as my head! But I would hardly count that as a complaint! For €6.50, I would definitely recommend you give it a try! Check out Bubble Waffle Factory on Instagram right here!

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