3 Healthy Drinks for Summer



If you’re looking for some refreshing & non alcoholic drinks to enjoy in the sunshine, why not try one of these. Sometime I just don’t feel like making up a cocktail or G&T. I could sit out and sip on these drinks for hours. These are also great for people who love fizzy drinks or are bad at drinking water because these are so refreshing and easy to drink.

 The first one is pink grapefruit & lavender. It might sound off but is such a nice refreshing drink for those of us who aren’t overly fond of super sweet drinks. Slice up some grapefruit (pink grapefruit is sweeter) and if you have a lavender plant growing in your garden grab some of the leaves. If not, you could also use rosemary for a similar style drink.


Next is a little different. You’ll need tonic water, cucumber and strawberry. This is such a nice sweet & refreshing drink. Slice up your cucumber, slice your strawberries in half and top with tonic water. And if you feel like it, add a little gin for a fruity summer cocktail! 


And lastly, we have an old classic – the lemon and mint combo! This is so nice and a good middle ground between the tart taste of the grapefruit in the first drink and the sweet strawberries in the second drink! This last drink is delicious and easy to make. All you need is some slices of lemon and fresh sprigs of mint. The longer you leave these fresh ingredients in the stronger the taste or you can muddle the mint and lemon together for a stronger, zesty taste. 

And of course, add lots of ice & ENJOY!

Hi, I'm Ais! A self proclaimed foodie & gin enthusiast. Read my full bio in our 'about us' section.