Homemade Vegan Miso Sausage Rolls

This delicious little recipe came about as a tasty breakfast idea. It ended up being much easier than anticipated also. This only takes a couple minutes to whip up + pop in the oven. We decided to test out some recipes and add a little miso to the recipe, just to see what happened. It turns out adding miso is even more delicious than your average veggie sausage roll – trust me.

What You Need:

6 Pack fo your favourite veggie sausages – I used the Eden vegan sausages from Lidl or Linda Mc Cartney

1 tsp miso paste

1 tsp sesame oil + 1 tsp for basting

1 tsp water

1 tsp of sesame seeds

Puff Pastry (Lidl brand is vegan)


Mash the vegan sausages in a bowl with a drop of water to soften the mix.

Once these are combined add your miso paste and sesame oil. Mix until all ingredients are combined.

Roll out your puff pastry in a line leaving space on either side for folding. Depending on how big or small you’d like to make your sausage rolls. You will probably end up with a little extra pastry but keep this for the next batch or use it to create some puff pastry twists to have on the side.

Fold the pastry over the mixture and seal the sides using a fork.

Preheat the overn to 200 degrees C. Once hot, place your vegan sausage rolls on some baing paper and brush on a little extra sesame oil to make them extra crispy. Pop into the over for 15-20 minutes. Make sure they are toasty and brown before you remove them.

Let them cool down & enjoy. I guarantee you these will not last long!

miso vegan sausage roll



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