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This week has brought me back to my home stomping ground. On a constant search to discover new and exciting cafes and restaurants in Limerick city, I’ve had my eye on Rift for a little while.

The Coffee

It’s no secret that I love my coffee. I am a fan of the oat flat white. They are actually my favourite and, surprisingly, not very easy to come by. Everywhere has almond (I am yet to find a good tasting almond based coffee that does not curdle after like 30 seconds so recommendations welcome). So you can imagine my delight when I asked if they had any none dairy milks and the response was ‘oat milk’. I ordered that bad boy straight away for €3.70. 

I’m not a coffee connoisseur and I can’t describe the beans and undertones to you but I can tell you this was a damn delicious cup of coffee. It was foamy, creamy, oat and, best of all, it was strong. I love a strong coffee taste and I’m not really a milk drinker (a glass of milk is my worst nightmare to be honest) so if the coffee isn’t strong af then I am out. This was delicious. Worth every penny.

The Place 

I Stayed on to chill for a while at the window seat and actually started to write my Paulie’s pizza post and this very review. The music was mellow and chill, super easy listening especially considering I’m mot often caught without my headphones in. 

The Food 

The food menu is small but tasty. You can choose from a selection of treats from Nutshed, an amazing Limerick based vegan sweet treat company, or choose from 3 tasty toasties. I went for the comte cheese + caramelized shallots in a toasted sandwivh with a side salad of mixed leaves and quick pickle red cabbage. Eilis has the halloumi + sundried tomato. If you saw my Instagram story that day, you will now I cleared by plate. This was no ordinary slice pan sambo my friends. This buttery toasted sourdough delighted oozed with cheese and sweet caramelized shallots. I packed the salad and pickle into my toastie as well for an ultimate treat. Side note: does anyone else like to put the side salad into your sandwich or is that just me? 


I would love to hear your coffee shop recommendations! Be it in limerick or anywhere else in Ireland, let me know so I can give it a try! 

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