The Dough Bro’s Wood Fired Pizza | Where to ...

The Dough Bro’s Wood Fired Pizza | Where to Eat in Galway


The Hey Pesto


The Hail Caeser


The Posh Pepperoni

Ever since The Dough Bro’s popped up in Galway, their wood fired pizza has been the talk of the town. One year after their successful pop up restaurant, they opened up a permanent restaurant in Galway City AND made it on the list of a top 100 restaurants in Ireland by The Irish Times. So long story short, this pizza is GOOD. 

I was quite skeptical at first, the same way you would be if someone had told you a movie is going to be fantastic and it’s been hyped up so much that it can’t possibly match your expectations. But I’ve been to The Dough Bro’s for pizza multiple times now, more than I’m willing to admit. Each of their pizzas has a super thin crust, which personally isa plus because it makes it easier for me to finish the whole pizza. The base of a pizza is something that is super important to me. Even when I was young I harshly critiqued each frozen pizza we ever purchased and many did not quite make the cut. Nothing beats a tasty, fresh dough and Dough Bro’s does not disappoint!

The Dough Bro’s have an array of pizza toppings for you to try. The menu starts out with your classic Margarita and quickly moves onto their more interesting options. The ‘Hail Caeser’ pizza is literally a caeser salad on top of a pizza. It is SO good & it obviously counts a healthy because it’s a salad, right? Another favourite of mine is the ‘Posh Pepperoni, which is pepperoni, balsamic onions & jalapenos topped with rocket lettuce and Parmesan cheese shavings. But our current favourite number one here at Sugar & Shots, and one you should definitely try, is the ‘Hey Pesto’. This pizza has a pesto base, is topped generously with goats cheese, a little mozzarella, balsamic red onions, sun ripened tomatoes and topped with rocket lettuce and Parmesan. DELICIOUS. And, if you ask for no parmesan, it’s totally veggie friendly too!

And, lastly we cannot finish this post without mentioning the drinks! Dough Bro’s offers your classic fizzy drinks, San Pellegrino, wine, Mac Ivors Cider and the star of the show, ‘The Dough Brew – Session Ale’. This beer is light, refreshing and hoppy. If you’re a beer lover, and even if you’re not, we recommend you give this brew a go. Created by Independent Brewing and brought to you by the dough bro’s themselves, this beer is the perfect compliment to your pizza. 

Key Points

  • Vegetarian Friendly
  • Easy on the pocket (Very reasonably priced. You’re looking at about €9 a pizza)
  • Variety of pizza toppings OR you can create your own
  • Super friendly Staff
  • Cool decor
  • Great for a catch up with friends or a date
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